Turner Theatre

Movies for students, faculty, staff and families.

Turner Theatre is a 220-seat movie theater located in Dwight C. Schar Hall in Elon University's School of Communications. The theater is programmed for students, faculty, staff and families four days a week when the university is in session: Thursday evenings, Friday evenings, Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons and evenings. A Phoenix Card is scanned for admittance. All screenings in Turner Theatre are open to all of the Elon University Community.

Candy, popcorn and drinks are often provided by the Turner Theatre staff and the Student Union Board. Patrons are also welcome to bring outside snacks and drinks to screenings, but not hot foods.

When not scheduled for movie showings, Turner Theatre is available for other university events that fit the space and require accommodations for audiences of 70 or more individuals. Examples of such university uses include an invited speaker, university panel discussion or a special school event.

Elon students, faculty and staff may request to reserve the theater using the request form. If requesting a screening, the hosting organization must secure the public performance rights, which typically cost $500-$800.

Turner Theatre has a projection system designed for movies; the Technology staff needs to be involved if other audio and video use, such as a PowerPoint presentation, is planned in the facility.

For more information or questions, contact: 

Turner Theatre Student Manager

Julia Walter

Assistant Director of Multimedia Projects

Abby Igoe